We’re all about reducing stress at Douglas J, so we’ve put together an unconventional service for our guests: the only holiday gift-giving and tipping guide you’ll ever need! Here’s the best Tip vs. Gift advice from Emily Post, TripAdvisor, U.S. News & World Report and CNN Money — boiled down in one place.

Print out or bookmark this handy guide and you’ll never feel awkward or uncertain during the holidays — not knowing for sure who gets tips, who gets gifts, how much to spend, and what to do when you get an unexpected gift from someone you DIDN’T plan for.

Along with the year-round Aveda products in our roundup, we’re including the special Aveda holiday gift sets that are a great fit for the people in your extended circles. Aveda holiday sets are wonderful, nurturing gifts to give, many with limited-edition products. And, they have an added component: they give back! The handcrafted green paper used in them is created sustainably in Nepal. Thanks to Aveda, 5,500 Nepali people are able to support their families while working in positive, holistic conditions. So, giving Aveda gifts has a positive ripple effect that benefits more than just your recipients.

Savings tips: Purchase any holiday gift set (up to 4) through Dec. 3 and receive 200 Aveda Pure Privilege bonus points each! That’s up to 800 extra Pure Privilege points just for doing your annual holiday shopping. (Not a Pure Privilege member? Sign up here or during your next appointment at Douglas J.)

Gifts marked with a * denote limited-time only, Aveda holiday gift sets!



For these people in your life, it’s more appropriate to give gifts than tips. Acknowledge what they do for you or your family with thoughtful gifts that show your gratitude.


Your Child’s Teacher: Budget — $10-$100

Travel Size Hand Relief™ &/Or Foot Relief™ — crowd-pleasing products that are appreciated in the drying winter months.

Stress-Fix™ Soaking Salts and Body Lotion or Crème — because teaching is rewarding, but stressful.

Stress-Fix Concentrate — there is so much tension and muscle relief packed into one rollerball applicator!

*A Gift of Pure Invigoration — Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash, Body Lotion and travel-size Hand Relief (… teachers are always washing up).

Beautifying Body Cleanser & Energizing Composition — to uplift and invigorate tired teachers.

Gift Card — for general OR specific salon/spa services (such as a massage or mani/pedi).

*A Gift of Peace & Light — soy wax candle featuring calming Shampure™ aroma.


Your Child’s Tutor, Coach or Activity Teacher (music, dance, etc.): Budget — $10-$50

Travel Size Stress-Fix Body Lotion — its scent is clinically proven to relieve feelings of stress — and what coach, teacher or tutor doesn’t get stressed from time to time?

*Feeling Calm is a Gift — Shampure™ Hand Relief™ and travel-size Hand Relief in original aroma.

*A Gift of Complete Calm — Shampure Hand and Body Wash, Body Lotion and travel-size Hand Relief™

Gift Card — for general OR specific salon/spa services (such as a massage or mani/pedi).

Aveda Men Pure-Formance™ Shave Cream & Dual Action Aftershave — a great shave is always a great gift, especially during the holidays.


Your Personal Assistant: Budget — $75+, depending on your position in your company and length of time your assistant has been with you.

Hand Relief Night Renewal Serum + Hand Relief Lotion in Shampure aroma —Aveda’s newest powerhouse hand revitalizer, in combination with the best-selling lotion, makes hardworking hands look like new again.

*A Retreat from Stress — Half-litre of Stress-Fix Body Lotion, candle, and travel-size Soaking Salts

Gift Card + Makeup Tools — Refillable Lip Color Case and Pencil Sharpener, Envirometal™ Compact (Total Face, Professional, and/or Compact Essentials); Flax Sticks™ Brush Set (Daily Effects and/or Special Effects); and salon/spa gift card to redeem for Aveda makeup of her choice.

Calming Body Cleanser, Replenishing Body Moisturizer, Soothing Aqua Therapy and Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque — this “100% Calm” gift package is a favorite for decompressing and feeling indulged at the end of a workday.

Gift Card — for general spa services or specific spa packages.


Counselor/ Therapist or Life Coach: Budget — $15-$75

Travel-Size Rosemary Mint Hand & Body Wash and Body Lotion — its clear, crisp unisex scent is a perennial favorite.

*A Gift of A Little Relief — Travel-size Hand Relief in Shampure, Rosemary Mint and original aromas.

A Gift of Warmth and Light — Soy wax candle with a warm, spicy aroma of certified ginger and ginger lily.

Hand Relief Night Renewal Serum + Hand Relief Lotion — an enhanced version of the traditional gift of hand lotion, featuring Aveda’s newest revitalizing hand treatment.

Chakra Balancing Body Mist — help them help others with a choice of seven essential blends for awakened energies and balance.


U.S.P.S. Carrier: Budget — $10-$30. U.S. postal service workers are not allowed to accept cash gifts.

Aveda Comforting Tea — for warmth and coziness after a long day outdoors.

Blue Oil Balancing Concentrate — for a natural pick-me-up and muscle tension relief on the go.

Travel Size Hand Relief, Foot Relief, and/or Lip Saver — to battle the elements.



For these people, it’s most appropriate to give a special holiday tip. Here are the accepted amounts:

Gardener/Yard Work: Tip — $20-$50 (but only if the same person always works for you; if it’s a rotating cast, no tip is necessary)

Housekeeper: Tip — Equivalent to a week’s pay

Package Delivery Person: Tip — $10-$75

Building Doorman and/or Building Superintendent: Tip — $10-$100



For these people, it’s fine to either tip or give a thoughtful gift.

Personal Trainer: Tip equivalent to the cost of one session OR give a specific salon/spa gift card for a massage, reiki treatment, or spa package.

Dog Walker: Tip equivalent to 1-2 weeks’ pay OR give a specific salon/spa gift card for a pedicure

Babysitter: Tip equivalent to 2 babysitting sessions OR give a specific salon/spa gift card for a manicure



For these people, it’s appropriate to tip and also include a personal token of your appreciation with it.

Babysitter: Budget: Tip equivalent to 1 babysitting session, AND give a gift:

*A Gift of Smiles — Nourish-Mint™ Rehydrating Mini Lip Glazes in Nepali Cherry and Rose Blush

*A Gift of Twinkling Eyes — Makeup compact with Petal Essence™ Single Eye Colors in Moon Orchid, Silver Peak, Winter Lilac and Nepali Tea and Face Accents in Snow Lotus.


Nanny/ Au Pair: Budget: Tip equivalent to one week to one month’s pay, AND give a gift:

*A Gift of Baths of Beauty — Beautifying Crème Cleansing Oil, Body Moisturizer and Composition Oil

*A Retreat from Stress — Half-litre of Stress-Fix Body Lotion, candle, and travel-size Soaking Salts.

*A Gift of Spa Nights — Beautifying Crème Cleansing Oil, Body Moisturizer and Composition Oil, Smoothing Body Polish and travel-size Soothing Aqua Therapy.

Gift Card — for a specific spa package.


GENERIC GIFTS: Budget: $25-$40

Here are some unisex gifts that anyone would love. These are for office parties or friends/family gift exchanges, when the recipient is random or unspecified. Stash one (or more) of these in your home, office, car, or purse as an “emergency” gift. The next time someone has an unexpected present for you (and it happens every year) … your response is a smile and something great in return.

*A Gift of Invigorating Relief — Rosemary Mint Hand Relief and travel-size Hand Relief in original aroma.

Travel Size Hand Relief, Foot Relief, and Lip Saver — a respite from dry, chapped extremities that winter creates.

Aveda Comforting Tea and Peppymint Breath Freshener — organic, soothing, rejuvenating, and most welcome.

Soy Wax Candles — in either Shampure or Caribbean Therapy aromas.

Rosemary Mint Body Lotion and Hand & Body Wash — Aveda’s beloved clean, crisp fragrance appreciated by both men and women.

Gift Card — for general salon/ spa services.

And you thought Douglas J only provided salon and spa services! Come in early or stay late after your next salon or spa appointment to get your shopping done — and to reward yourself and others with your purchases. Aren’t the holidays grand?

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