Hello Gorgeous! Ally Weaver’s Story


Since we’ve become an official Hello Gorgeous! partner, our salons have been buzzing with excitement. We just can’t wait to meet and treat all the amazing women who come through our doors. We’ve recently had the pleasure of giving a makeover to our second Hello Gorgeous! guest. Read Ally Weaver’s amazing story below!

About Ally

Allison (known as Ally to her friends) was nominated for a Hello Gorgeous! treatment by a friend of six years. Ally spends her days as a youth pastor helping young teens. When she’s not guiding and advising the state’s youth, she is an amazing wife and a mother to two young children.

Ally unexpectedly had a seizure while she was pregnant with her second child in November of 2013. This was a scary situation, so she went to get advice. When she went to see what went wrong, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After successfully delivering her son in February of 2014, Ally took on her next challenge: brain surgery. During the operation they found that the tumor was invasive and malignant and could not be removed. Ally was put through rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, but she was eventually told that her brain cancer was not curable. Though she got second opinions on her condition, she was told she was a miracle. Most people with the tumor she had couldn’t even speak.

Allys Experience Makeover

Instead of letting cancer control her life, Ally has started making the most of it. Through these years of battle, she has worked full time, been an outstanding example to the teens she mentors and has even taken up running. Ally has even gone as far as to setup the Caring Bridge site where she shares her story and her journey as she continues to make memories with her family.

The friend that nominated Ally said, “She is such a fighter and I think the chance to be pampered for a change would be a boost to her spirit as she continues to fight for herself, her family, and her ministry.”

We couldn’t agree more. We were incredibly humbled and inspired by Ally’s story, and we couldn’t wait to greet her with a big “Hello gorgeous!” welcome when she came through our doors. Look at Ally Weaver’s before and after!

Caring for Our Communities

We can’t wait to meet the other deserving women who make up our cities. With each makeover we perform, we learn more and more about the sacrifices women make for their families and surrounding communities. We can’t help but feel grateful for every life lesson they teach us and every smile they grace us with. Want to nominate a woman who is battling cancer for a complimentary makeover at a Douglas J Salon? Just click hereall to submit an application. You never know what a day of pampering can do to help someone feel like they’re on top of the world.

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