Hello Gorgeous! Deena A.


Every time we have the opportunity to provide a Hello Gorgeous! makeover, we realize just how many amazing women live in our communities. You can talk about heroes or inspirations and think of fictional characters or celebrities who you’ve admired for years, but when the Douglas J family thinks of our heroes, we think of the women who have come to visit us for the makeover of a lifetime! They truly do inspire the people around them on a daily basis. This month we are talking about our most recent recipient, Deena.

About Deena

Deena was nominated by her coworker and friend, Tiffany. Tiffany admires and loves Deena for the strength that she has demonstrated for years, and she believes Deena deserves the opportunity to feel beautiful inside and out!

Years ago Deena had cancer that was surgically removed and she was given the all-clear. In January of 2018 Deena visited the emergency room because she had a bad cold. It was here that it was determined that she didn’t have a cold but that her previous cancer had metastasized and she had tumors in her lungs and liver. Deena was ready to battle again. She gathered her will to fight because she knew that chemotherapy was going to be hard.

She has the complete belief that she can beat cancer again.

Deanna's experience

In May she was delivered wonderful news: the tumors were responding to her treatment! Her family attributes this accomplishment not just to her treatment but to her unrelenting optimism and strength. However, the effects of treatment are showing. Deena has lost her hair and she told us she looks and feels exhausted. However, it doesn’t stop her from achieving and succeeding. Deena still works full time and supports her family. She fights every day for her two daughters. Her positive outlook on life is something that we can all strive to replicate.

We can’t help but smile and be driven to make the most of each day when we heard Deena’s story.

Douglas J Cares

Being a part of the Hello Gorgeous! network has been nothing but rewarding and fun, and we’re so excited to meet the many other women who will walk through our doors. The family of Douglas J salons is proud to be a keystone in our communities because we know how much of a difference it makes to just give back and show a little kindness. To find out more about our other charity efforts, visit our community page. To nominate someone you love for a Hello Gorgeous! makeover, click here.

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