Who Should Lighten Their Hair?


The short answer: anyone who wants to! If you’re longing for lighter locks, don’t be afraid of going for it! Plenty of celebs like Solange Knowles and Selena Gomez are publicly hyped for making the change from brunette to platinum, and you can, too! However, there are a few things you should know about before you lighten, and some of your previous hair decisions might come back to haunt you (or prevent you from going lighter right away)!

The Ultimate Advice?

ALWAYS book an appointment with a licensed cosmetologist to get your hair lightened. This process takes time, dedication and very specific knowledge to get it right! If you want to book an appointment with one of our colorists, click here!

Box Color

Are you an avid fan of box color? We’re not saying it’s the ULTIMATE hair sin, but we definitely warn you against it. Do NOT go out and buy a home hair lightening kit! The process of lifting color from the hair is a long and complicated one and done improperly can have some serious consequences. Everything from spaghetti-thin hair to allergic reactions are outcomes to hair lightened improperly, so unless you want to be a balding beauty soon, we suggest you steer clear.

Another problem that can come from box coloring: chemical reactions. ALWAYS disclose whether or not you’ve box colored your hair and try to snap a pic of the ingredients list. When you book your appointment you NEED to tell your colorist if you have used box color on your hair. If you don’t, they won’t know and that can lead to some dire consequences. The ingredients in their products may not play nicely with the ones in box color. Box color will eventually come out of hair and it may take some color correcting, so be prepared for a long process.

A Recent Change

Have you had your hair lightened at home, at a beauty school or at another professional salon? Disclose it! It doesn’t matter how long ago it was, let them know. While lifting color can happen months apart and is perfectly safe, doing it too close together can be an issue. Hair horror stories come to life when you’re not honest with your stylist.

Naturally Dark Strands

Dark haired beauties, have no fear. Blonde hair can be in your future, but you must understand the process. Look to Khloe Kardashian as your example on this one:

dark haired celebrities

Khloe K’s naturally dark hair did eventually transform to the beautiful white-blonde she was looking for, but it’s taken years, my friends. Years. You in particular need to read the next two things to keep in mind.

Right Here, Right Now

No. You cannot go from raven black to platinum blonde in one sitting. No matter what your BFF’s brother’s girlfriend’s stylist says, it can’t and it SHOULDN’T be done. You must be prepared to go from black to brunette to copper to golden and then to platinum blonde. There may even be color variations in between. The process takes months. Why? Because you are altering the structure of your hair at its very core. Moving too quickly can result in wonky colors, thin hair, hair weakening and even the worst: hair loss. Trust the hair colorist who gives you a timeline, how much it will cost over time and the nitty gritty of upkeep.

Dolla’ Dolla’ Bills

It takes money to get your hair exactly right. Pinterest and Instagram hair don’t happen overnight and definitely not for free. Be prepared to spend $$ to get the blonde hair you’re dreaming of. More than anything, don’t be upset when your colorist says it will be expensive. This is their livelihood and their trade. They have a special education and license to do hair right and not wreck it, and it’s in your best interest that it is done right. It’s like asking a dentist to drop off the quality of your cavity filling in order to cut costs. Don’t be that girl.
Going, Going, Blonde at Douglas J

Ready to start the process of going blonde? Contact us to make a reservation with one of our highly-trained colorists. Fashion colors? Balayage? Something a bit darker and sultry? We can do it all. Click here to book your appointment.

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