5 Ways to Fix Bad Hair Days


It’s back-to-school season! Having the trendiest hair in your class is on every beauty lovers back-to-school list. The Douglas J Salons are here to help! Unfortunately, with good hair days come bad hair days. Don’t be caught off guard and running late on your first day! Use these five hacks to keep frizz, grease and other hair disasters at bay.

Wear a Hat

If you’re really rushing out the door on your way to school, putting on a hat can be a lifesaver. Is your hair suffering from greasy roots or a cowlick that won’t stay down? A hat is an easy fix. Whether you curl the ends or only have enough time to put your hair in a low bun, you’ll look stylish in no time.

wearing a hat

Dry Shampoo

When your hair is at its greasiest, dry shampoo is your best friend. Not enough time to shower in the morning? No problem! Just tap some dry shampoo onto your roots, add a few curls in with your favorite wand and you’re good to go.

using dry shampoo


Braids are an easy way to tie back any unruly hair and still look like you put in effort that morning. As a bonus, braids tend to stay in place more with unwashed hair, so don’t be afraid to wear this whenever you wake up with greasy hair.

side braid


Another hairstyle that is easy to hide any unmanageable hair is a messy bun. The best part of a messy bun is that it’s supposed to look, well, messy. Use your bad hair day to your advantage and wear those flyaway hairs with style.

brunette bun

Tease the Roots

Teasing is a great way to hide hair that just won’t stay down. Simply tease the top of your hair and put a little hairspray in and you’re ready to head out that door looking great for the first day of school.

flowing long blonde hair

Looking for a fresh back to school cut or color? Book an appointment with one of our talented Hair Designers or Colorists! What are some solutions that have worked for you on your worst hair days? Share with us on our Instagram or Facebook page.

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