How to Find the Perfect Hairstylist


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Let’s face it, life can be stressful. What shouldn’t be stressful is finding that perfect hairstylist who can fulfill all your hair-related needs. You know who we’re talking about. The one who can make you go from a bad hair day nightmare to a glamorous princess with just a wave of their magic wand, or, comb. Everyone deserves to walk into a beauty salon and know that their stylist is there to take care of them. Whether they’re coloring your hair or acting as a shoulder to cry on, a good stylist is always there for you. Finding that special bond can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. If you’ve made the decision to change cities or you just want a new perspective on your hair, here are some simple steps to finding your hair’s new best friend.

Ask Your Friends

Your friends have been with you through all your dramatic hair changes. They’ve seen it all and know the looks you’ve loved and the ones you cringe at when looking at past pictures. Who better to ask for which hair & beauty salon you should try out? Your friends have experience with what salons have worked for them and they want to pass that information onto you. Make it a fun girls’ day out and tag along on her hair appointment to see the atmosphere of the salon she goes to.

Products, Products, Products

Before you really commit to a hair salon, it’s important to do research on the salon and their hair products. This is a good way to see if the salon is well-reviewed and if it’s worth the visit. You can’t do that without looking at the salon’s beauty products. If a beauty salon doesn’t use hair products that you feel comfortable with there’s no point researching further with that salon. You might only want products that have not used animal testing, have natural ingredients, and any other requirement you might deem necessary. Finding out what’s in a product can also help determine if it will fit well with your hair type. The product is the key for your hairstylist to open your world to new and exciting styles, without it your hair can’t go anywhere.

Know Your Hair Type

So you found out which salons are using the right products for you. Now you can narrow down the search by finding out which salon is best suited for your hair type. There are beauty salons that specialize in a certain hairstyle to make sure they are the experts in that category. You might want to go to a salon specializing in color to get that brunette hair into the platinum blonde you’ve been dreaming of. You might only want to trust hair salons specializing in curly hair to tame those beautiful locks. Finding your hairstylist often starts with figuring out who is best qualified for your hair.

Start Small

So you’ve got some good advice from friends and the internet.You’ve narrowed down the search with the right products and you’re wondering what to do next. Now is the time for you to make an appointment to find out if the stylist and you are meant to be. There’s only so much you can find out by asking your friends and looking online. Now you have to go into the salon. The best way to find out if a stylist is right for you is to set up an appointment with her. Yes, we know this can be scary. What if they cut off all my hair? What if I’m left with a color I never asked for and it takes forever to get it back to my natural one? Don’t worry! Setting up an appointment for a layered cut or a hint of color is a start and can defuse all those worries you may have. This can give you a general idea of the stylist and how she works. If you liked what she did, great! Now you can experiment further to see if this is a match made in hair heaven. If this step seems too big, look up the stylist online before seeing her in person. A lot of stylists put their work on social media and this can give you the visual cues of whether or not her style works well with you.

Put Your Stylist to the Test

You’ve liked what the stylist has done for a simple cut. Now is where the real trust comes. Next time you go see her try something a bit more complicated. Whether you want a more dramatic cut or some new color in your hair, this is the time to see if your stylist can deliver. Bringing in a picture of what you want can help you decide if they’re able to meet your expectations. Above all else remember to take a deep breath.This can be a big step, but you’ve prepared for this moment. So relax and have fun with it!

End Your Search With Us

Are you still looking to find your perfect hair stylist? Contact us to see if we’re the salon you’ve been waiting for! We’d love for you to visit us at one of our locations to find out if we’re the perfect fit for your hair! Click here to book your appointment.

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