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We want to thank all our loyal guests who have made Douglas J Salons the place they love and trust. From our guests who have been with us for years, to the ones who have recently discovered us, we appreciate every one of you. We are so proud of our stylists and the work they’ve done to ensure that you can feel confident when you enter our salon that you’ll leave feeling great. Our guests are always the main focus at our salon and we started wondering what made them pick us. We asked some of our guests at our Okemos Salon why they chose Douglas J, and here’s what they said!

Confidence in Yourself

Everyone knows that feeling when you walk out of a salon with your new hairstyle that you can’t help but admire whenever you walk past a mirror. It seems like you and your hair are ready to take on the world. That’s the best feeling! That’s the power of a good haircut and people are always looking for a salon that can deliver it. We are so happy that loyal guests like Isaac S. have found that with us. Isaac comes to Douglas J because he believes in what a haircut can do for someone.

“My appearance and style is a value to me whether I’m getting up at 4:30 am for work or going out for drinks with a friend.”

Guy with his daughter and guitar

We couldn’t agree more with Isaac, and we’re proud that he trusts us with something so important to him. Feeling good about yourself really can make all the difference with every aspect of your life. We understand that and that’s why we strive to make sure that you leave our salon feeling like you can overcome any obstacle. When you come to our salon, you can expect a stylist who truly wants the best for you.

A Stylist You Can Trust

Like we said, a good haircut can make all the difference in how you view yourself, but having a hairstylist you can trust is key. Everyone deserves to have someone who knows you and knows what you want for your hair. The bond you make with your stylist can often be the deciding factor on whether or not you want to come back to the salon. That’s why we were thrilled when many responses from our guests involved their stylists. Isaac told us that Hope M. is his hair artist and she’s one reason why he comes to Douglas J Salons. He said that Hope knows his sense of style, and that’s why he can trust her. We couldn’t be prouder of employees like Hope, who continue to show through their work that Douglas J is all about making the guests feel amazing about themselves.

Trust was a word we heard a lot when our guests talked about their hairstylist. Hannah R. has been seeing one of our stylists for over two years and another one for five months. That level of commitment shows just how much Hannah relies on them. Hannah said she keeps going to her stylists because they are able to make her hair dreams a reality, no matter how crazy they may seem.

“I do not let anyone touch my hair unless I can have complete trust in my stylist. I am always so pleased with how my hair turns out and cannot imagine seeing anyone else.”

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We know that it takes a lot to trust someone with something as important as your hair. That’s why we want to thank our stylists for working hard to ensure that their guests’ trust is well-earned. We have complete confidence in our stylists and we know that you will too.


You can trust your stylist all you want, but that won’t get you far without the right products. At Douglas J Salons, we carry Aveda because we believe that our goals align perfectly with theirs. Aveda is dedicated to making sure that they are environmentally friendly without sacrificing the benefits for you hair. We love Aveda and so do our guests. Hannah told us that she chose Douglas J not only because of her stylists, but also because of the products they use. She’s been using Aveda since she was sixteen years old. That’s the commitment you’ll see when a brand’s goals put people first. It all comes back to trust and if you can’t trust the products your stylist puts in your hair, then it will never work.

Express Yourself

These are just some of the words our three guests used to define themselves. We love that all these words show the passion for creativity that comes from our guests. Everyone is different and we believe that people can show their uniqueness through their hairstyle. Our guest Neisha loves that getting a haircut allows her creativity to shine through.

“[My hair] allows me to express individuality and reflect the many sides of my personality.”

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We love that and we think she’s completely right. Everyone wants to show off their creative side and we believe that your style is one great way to display it. We think it’s amazing that Neisha knows what makes her feel good and makes the effort to show off her style in whatever way she wants to. Everyone should be allowed a space where they can let their creative ideas soar. We personally think that a salon is one of the best places to express your individuality because of the pampering that comes with it. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself, you deserve it!

Discover All This at Douglas J

Now that you’ve heard what our current guests think, it’s time discover for yourself. If you found yourself wishing for the things listed here, it might be time for you to come in to discover for yourself if Douglas J is the salon you’ve been waiting for. Contact us to see if we’re the right place for you and your creative ideas you’ve always wanted to try out. We have locations in Okemos, Ann Arbor and Rochester Hills. Come in to see a stylist who, with the right products, is committed to making sure you leave feeling great with your new look, just like our other guests. We can’t wait to see the hair designs you come up with!

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