New Year, New Color: Top Hair Color Trends for 2019


You can change your makeup, cut your hair, and try out new styles, but nothing makes a statement like changing your hair color. To give you some inspiration on which color to choose, here are some of our favorite trending hues!


Love the summertime? Dream about being a mermaid? Coral is the perfect hair color for you! Not only is it named after an aquatic lifeform, but coral’s bright warmth can instantly add a touch of summer to any look. It’s a fresher, bolder take on the millennial pink/rose gold hair trend that we’ve seen for the past few years. Coral is an eye-catching color that’s still wearable. It also looks great with any skin tone and can blend seamlessly with a variety of makeup looks!

Coral Hair

Faded Pastel

From Kylie Jenner to Lady GaGa, feminine, candy-reminiscent hair colors have been trending for several years. Do something a little different for 2019 and try out a faded pastel hair color. This creates a beautiful wash of color rather than a super-saturated pastel. It’s the same soft, romantic look in a more subtle, minimalistic way. Whether you want powder blue, lavender, mint green, or everyone’s favorite, pale pink, a hint of pastel adds a touch of sweetness to any hair color.

Faded pastel hair

Copper Highlights

If you’ve been shopping for cups, vases, or plates recently, you’ve probably seen copper all over the place. This metallic finish is super popular in house decor and it’s also making strides in the beauty realm. Take the copper trend and apply it your hair this year! It’s a great way to warm up brunette, dark blonde, and even black hair. Copper highlights can be woven through curly, wavy, or straight hair to add that rich, warm depth that only red-toned colors can create. To avoid the dreaded brassiness, make sure you get your copper highlights from a professional who knows what they’re doing.

Asian with copper highlights

Dirty Blonde

For those who are looking for a low maintenance hair color option, shades of dark blonde are ideal. This hair color is extremely diverse, so there’s plenty of room to play. If you’re a blonde who wants to cool things down or a brunette who wants to warm things up, you’ve got options with this one. You can choose from warm or ashy tones to create the best dark blonde hair color for your skin tone. Want to do a dark-to-light, balayage effect? You can achieve that by adding rich blonde highlights to darker hair. Blonde doesn’t have to be platinum to be fun. Try out a fresh take on the color this year!

Long dirty blonde hair

Inky Black

Make a statement with one color: inky black. This dark shade is a great, bold choice for the winter months. Super-black hair looks great with olive and darker skin tones, as the darker shades blend beautifully together. If you’re fair and want to try out an edgy look, inky black hair is certain to turn heads when contrasted with lighter skin. However, since this is such an intense color for paler skin, consult with your stylist before making the commitment. You don’t want to wash yourself out with a shade that’s too harsh for your skin.

inky black bob

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