5 Ways to Keep Your Inner Balance as a Stylist


Whether you’re a colorist, hair designer, editorial stylist or any other type of hair professional, you’re likely on your feet and kicking butt all day long. It’s easy to work hard but forget to play hard or even take a break. Here are a five ways to keep your inner balance as you slay every appointment.

aligned with positivity


Negative energy is a no-no, and it can stem from stressing out about everything from what to eat for dinner to a particularly rocky client conversation. Take time to align yourself with positivity.

Speak positively with those around you, practice aromatherapy and get your chakras balanced. Keep your mind and body in tune by doing some yoga, and don’t forget to eliminate sources of bad energy from your life. Cut toxicity out where you can.

If you’re not already employed at the salon of your dreams, be on the lookout for employment opportunities in places that breed positivity. Trashy salon floor talk and gossip will bring everyone down. Practice being as source of positivity for your fellow professionals.


Don’t forget to take care of number one! Your mental, physical and emotional health should be your main focuses. Eat well, exercise and take a relaxing bath every once in a while. Not only will practicing self care remind you of how important you are, but it will help you exude confidence and love for yourself. This will attract like-minded and positive people to you.

Be body positive! Keep negative comments or thoughts about yourself at bay by doing what you love and treating yourself right. Learn more about how to better take care of yourself by finding the right nutrition and exercise plan (after all, you’re on your feet all day!), and make sure to work a tailored skincare routine into your nightly rituals. Your body and mind will thank you.


Be inspired! If you work in the beauty industry, you know that there are inspiring things happening every day. Just take a look at your Instagram feed! Who is creating what? What is the latest hair color trend? Are you feeling empowered to try something new yourself? Don’t be afraid to push your boundaries and do something that makes you feel free and creative. This will only serve to make you better at your career!

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Befriend someone new today. If you work in a busy salon, take the time to help a fellow stylist wherever you can. If you work in a smaller salon, go out of your way to learn more about your guests. Being nice never goes out of style, and it can make your life easier in the long run. It can also lead you to finding new friends who you may have never spoken to otherwise.


Give to a charity, donate your time or organize an event for something you care about. Giving back to the community around you is a great way to improve the lives of everyone, not just yourself. Giving back can give you a sense of accomplishment and harmony. Here at Douglas J Salons, we pride ourselves in our community involvement, and we are excited to see all the great things our colorists and designers are doing for those around them.


What practice or routines do you use to keep yourself balance on your busiest days? Share with us the comments below!

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