5 Hair Trends We Love for Fall 2018


It’s sad to say, but summer is soon going to come to an end. Back to school preparations are in the works, and everyone is getting excited for cooler weather. With the changes in fashion and style on the horizon, hairstyles are sure to follow. Here are five hair trends we’re SO ready to see in fall 2018.

1. The Well-Placed Fly Away

Beachy texture, piecey layers and just a little bit of frizz in all the right places. This effortless look is turning heads, and the ease of recreating it in your bathroom mirror is unmatched. This is perfect for a casual back to school look or your first day at your trendsetting job.

long haired beauty with fly away hair

2. Braids, Baby!

Braids on braids on braids! We just can’t get enough. Whether you’re rocking box-braids plaited together into a larger braid or you’re going loose and laid back, braids are your best bet for an on-trend look.


3. Bangs

90s trends like scrunchies and crimping have been making their way back, and straight-across bangs are following. If you’re afraid of boxing yourself in with this style, don’t worry. They can easily be pinned back or swept to the side.

brunette with bangs

4. Salmon

This color is close to the recently popular rose gold, without a golden hue. Salmon complements a variety of skin tones and colors, so don’t be afraid to ask your colorist how to start the process of rocking this beautiful color.

Rose gold / salmon hair color

5. Natural Curls

We just can’t get enough! This style was popular in the beginning of the 2018 year and it will continue throughout. Why spend extra time doing additional styling when your hair has a twist of its own?

naturally curly hair

Looking to rock one of these styles this fall? Contact Douglas J Salons! Our professional Colorists and Hair Designers are excited to help you stay on the cutting edge of fashion. Click here to book your appointment!

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