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Today we’re raving about undercuts. This trend has skyrocketed recently, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Are you out of the loop? An undercut is when the top of the hair is left long and a portion of the side or bottom is shaved. Recently, designers have gotten more creative with undercuts by shaving designs into them such as shapes and patterns. These edgy styles are gaining popularity in the hair community. We’re going to show you why. We were able to get the inside scoop from one of our hair designers who specializes in undercuts, Sami.

Purple Updo with Undercut

The Appeal of Undercuts

Undercuts have been around for a long time, but the appeal of designer undercuts is fairly recent. Traditionally, undercuts were a style that mostly men would ask for. That’s why we were a bit surprised to hear Sami say that she performs the majority of her undercuts on women! When you take a look at all of the beautiful designs, you can see how undercuts can be appealing to women! Delicate, feminine designs are beautiful accents. Bold, unique designs can help a girl stand out from the crowd. There are just so many options!

dark haired undercut

Undercuts are trendy lately because they really match that retro 90s grunge style. You can pair your Vans® and flannels with an edgy undercut and you’re set for fall! Undercuts pair well with many of the hair trends we love for autumn.

Undercut Upkeep

”An undercut is really a temporary tattoo.” – Sami

Getting an undercut is a bit of a commitment, as they do require a decent amount of upkeep. So what’s the maintenance like for an undercut? It is recommended that you come in every two weeks for a touch-up. Two weeks is just about the time when the hair is grown out enough and the design isn’t very easily distinguishable. Of course, as with all hairstyles, upkeep depends on hair type and texture. (Be sure to always consult with your Hair Designer about what’s best for your hair.)

spiderweb undercut

The benefit of the temporary nature of undercuts is that you can switch up your look with different designs every few weeks. This is great for seasonal designs. How about a spiderweb for Halloween and a snowflake for Christmas? Yes please!

half spiderweb undercut

As fun as this trend is, you should keep in mind that not every design will work with every hair type. Different cuts and shapes work better for thick or thin hair and dark or light hair. That being said, any hair type and color can get an undercut! They will just all be slightly different to make sure they stand out. Sometimes placement can play a role too. You just have to be creative. Sami suggests that people with thinner hair consider a design on the side of their head versus the bottom. It’s fun to play around with placements, shapes and sizes of undercut designs. Each design is truly unique!

Undercut Designs

We asked Sami about her process of creating designs. Do people generally know what type of design they want? She said, “many guests come to me with a picture of the design they want or at least some form of inspiration. It’s really fun to see people’s interests and personalities shine through with their ideas! They range anywhere from music notes for concerts to sports objects for game days.” One of the most memorable designs she was presented with was a photo of wallpaper. She was able to recreate the design in an undercut!

pig tails with undercut

Some of the more common designs requested by guests are flowers, geometrical designs and seasonal objects. Pinterest is a great place to find inspo for undercut designs.You can look at wallpapers, object photography, anything geometrical and symbols. Some unique designs our designers have seen include moon phases, hockey sticks, the Eye of Horus, a butterfly and a peace sign. The options are endless! Take a look at more of our designer Sami’s work on her Instagram.

Ready to Rock an Undercut

Now that you know all about the wonderful world of undercuts, do you want one? Book an appointment with Sami, or one of our other talented Hair Designers. We can’t wait to see what amazing design you end up with. Share with us on Instagram or Facebook!

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