Douglas Weaver Legacy Award Competition Results


In memory of our founder, we created the Douglas Weaver Legacy Award to keep his memory and his legacy alive within our family. We have the competition results and were completely blown away by the submissions. Check out the results!

the competition

The Douglas Weaver Legacy Award Competition was created for our artists to represent the qualities and vision that Doug had for the Douglas J brand. We want to continue to keep his vision alive today!

Doug valued hard work and serving people from the heart. We expect all of our stylists to instill hard work before success, work towards their goals and aspirations and serve the communities that they are involved in. We partnered with the wonderful Vivienne Mackinder to host a competition that can change lives.

Vivienne is one of the most respected and innovative stylists the hairdressing industry has seen. She’s worked with countless celebrities and frequently contributes to runway shows, MTV awards, Oscar awards, fashion weeks and more. She now devotes most of her time as being the co-founder of Our stylists having the chance to learn from her experience was a HUGE opportunity!

The competition included several different aspects of entering:

  • The work needed to show a before and after image showing the stylist’s ability to relate the 3 wheels of fashion accurately.
  • A short essay on community service about the stylist’s contribution and involvement in the community.
  • The stylist needed to be in good standing with Douglas J.
  • And a bonus was added to their submission if they included a meme or GIF that best described the stylist as a service provider.

The competition was open to designers and colorists with an amazing prize for the winners: A trip to the Hamptons for a workshop with Vivienne. Our stylists delivered some amazing results!

douglas weaver legacy award winners

Our winning stylists enjoyed spending time in the Hamptons with Vivienne. They learned from her experiences, techniques, and success as a stylist. Take a look at their winning looks!

Douglas Weaver Legacy Award Winners

honorable mentions

discover what they douglas j family is about

At all five salon locations, our stylists create inspiring and quality work every day! Do you want to see more looks that they’ve created? Check out our Instagram to see their amazing work. See something you like? Schedule an appointment to see our stylists represent the Douglas J name with honor!

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