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Douglas J Aveda Salons love every chance we get to partner with the non-profit organization, Hello Gorgeous! Their sole purpose is to make women who are battling cancer smile at their reflection in the mirror. We have loved partnering with them over the years and look forward to meeting more of the amazing and inspirational women moving forward! 

Take a look at some of the inspiring women we’ve had the privilege of meeting the past few months. 

Elizabeth Glitner

We are so blessed to have heard Elizabeth’s story. She was nominated by her friend Meghaen, who wanted Elizabeth to treat herself. Elizabeth works full time professionally and is busy with her three amazing children. Elizabeth was diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently cancer-free but she is still recovering from the treatments and surgeries she underwent to fight it. 

Her friend Meghaen said, “Anyone with cancer, or undergoing treatments because of cancer, deserves this completely! Elizabeth not only had to go through one surgical recovery, due to unexpected complications during the surgery, but she has gone through two long, intense surgical recoveries. She fully deserves this!!!” 

We couldn’t agreae more with Meghaen! 

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a true warrior. She was nominated by her spouse Richard. Jennifer has been going through treatments for stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and has been working hard to kick cancer down. “She is so amazing,” Robert says. “And [she] has an incredible attitude towards everything she has been through.” 

We agreed with Robert and wanted to give her the reward she deserved for being so strong. Jennifer deserves time to relax and the confidence boost that she deserved. We’re so glad we got to meet Jennifer and learn more about her story! 

Kalena Baldwin

We’re glad we got to spend time and meet with Kalena to learn more about her story and the things she’s overcome. Kalena was nominated by her friend Taylar, who is like a sister to her. Kalena was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and is a rockstar single mom of five little boys, who are the center of her universe. She works hard to wake them for school, take them to the bus, grocery shop, cook, and help with homework. 

Kalena is a superwoman but doesn’t ever spend money on herself, which is why Taylar thought she needed to see how much she’s appreciated and what an amazing job she’s doing. “This would be a beautiful time to spoil her and show her that she is worthy of love!” Taylar says. “She is so beautiful, but sometimes she doesn’t feel like it. This would be the perfect time to show her how beautiful she is, and for her to be gifted services she couldn’t afford on her own.” 

What an amazing woman who deserves so much love and appreciation!

Want to Nominate Someone For Hello Gorgeous?

Do you have someone special in your life that has been battling cancer? You should nominate that individual so we can share their unique and inspiring stories with everyone we know and treat them to a special day that they deserve! If you don’t know someone who is currently fighting cancer, you can still help those who are by donating to Hello Gorgeous today! 

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