Meet our Winter Hello Gorgeous! Women


The women nominated for Hello Gorgeous! continue to inspire us once again! The nonprofit foundation invites women battling cancer or survivors to treat themselves to a day of pampering. We’re excited to share these women’s stories to show the resilience these individuals share with the world, their friends and family!

This month we have two incredible women to feature, Jessica Anderson and Anita Sandal. Read about their journeys if you want to feel uplifted and inspired.

Jessica Anderson

Jessica was nominated for Hello Gorgeous! by her sister Jennifer. Jessica is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. She has been fighting hard against cancer and is currently on the upswing of the battle. We know Jessica is an incredible woman not only because we had the chance to meet her but also the loving things her sister has to say about her. “She is an amazing and inspiring woman, wife and mother who has been through a lot in the past three years,” Jennifer says. “She deserves to be treated like a queen.”

Our staff was so blessed to be able to show the support that Jessica deserves and pamper her in the salon for a day. Women like Jessica teach us so much from their experiences and overcoming their challenges!

Anita Sanda

Our second Hello Gorgeous! nominee went to Anita Sandal. Her dear friend Connie was the one who knew Anita needed to have a day of relaxation.

Anita finished treatment for breast and skin cancer in mid-May but is still working hard to support her family. She works as a physical therapist so she can help pay for her son’s tuition and cares for her ailing mother. Connie only had amazing things to say about Anita. “Anita is the most giving person I have ever met. Anita is [the] most deserving!” Connie says. “She would be so appreciative as she has suffered so with facial skin cancer.”

The staff at Douglas J Salons are the lucky ones being able to come in contact with these incredible individuals. We want to try and give back to these fighters by pampering and giving them a makeover for a day to remind them how beautiful they are on the inside and outside.

Do you have a Hello Gorgeous! Nomination?

The women we feature in these blogs change lives. If you have someone who has changed your life through their battle with cancer, nominate them for Hello Gorgeous!

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If there is anyone else who you love and appreciate and want to treat, set up an appointment today! 

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