What Is a Blowout Treatment?


A blowout treatment is a hair service that many salons offer their guests. Blowouts give guests voluminous and glossy hair with the option to add some soft curls or keep it straight. Typically, a blowout includes:

  • A hair wash (sometimes there are treatment upgrades)
  • Blow dry with a round brush
  • Touch-ups with a flat or curling iron

If this sounds like something your hair needs, make a reservation today!

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What’s the Difference Between a Blowout Treatment and a Keratin Treatment?

Many times a blowout service can also include a keratin treatment. Keratin is a protective protein that makes up your hair, skin and nails. Keratin treatments have become more of an umbrella term for any process that smooths, softens and minimizes frizz in the hair. Keratin treatments keep the hair smooth and frizz-free for up to three months and sometimes even longer depending on how often your hair is washed.

We provide keratin treatments at all of the Douglas J Salon locations. If you want something a little more simple, you can opt for a botanical add on during your blow out treatment. We offer different types of botanicals that can help make hair healthier by adding moisture or protein but does not do the same thing as a keratin treatment does.

You should discuss with your stylist the best options for your hair to get the best results for your hair.

Where Can You Get a Blowout Treatment?

There are plenty of blowout bars and salons that you can get your hair done around the country. Blowouts have typically always been available in local salons, but it’s only recently been receiving more hype like it did in the ‘90s. Blowouts aren’t just for women either! There are blowout services offered for men as well.

If you’re in Michigan, Douglas J Salons give the exclusive Aveda treatment to its guests. It’s an extra way to show yourself some love and treat your hair right. We offer blowout finishes at our Ann Arbor, Byron Center, Grand Rapids, Okemos, and Rochester Hills location! We’re close enough that you can treat yourself anytime to a great blowout service.


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Why Blowouts Can Make Your Life Easier

A blowout service includes a hair wash and then a blow dry with advanced blowout techniques and iron work to make your hair soft, shiny and voluminous!

The wonderful secret about blowouts is that they make life easier for you the next few days after you’ve had it done. Typically, blowouts will keep your hair shiny and healthy-looking for several days after the treatment.

How To Make a Blowout Last

After you get a blowout done on your hair, you’re going to be obsessed with how it looks and feels. We have some tips on how to help you enjoy your hair blowout for as long as possible!

  • Avoid using products the day you get a blowout.
  • If you live in a humid place, anti-humidity spray will be your best friend. Use hydrating shine spray if it starts to look a bit dull after a few days.
  • When you sleep, make sure your hair is in a loose bun or ponytail.
  • Sleep on a pillow case make of satin or silk.
  • Try not to touch your hair.
  • Use dry shampoo if it starts to get a bit greasy on your roots.
  • Try not to get it wet. Use a moisture wicking headband while working out and a showercap in the shower.
  • You can use a large-barrel curling iron to help give your hair some volume if it starts to get flat.


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Occasions for a Blowout Treatment

You don’t necessarily need a special occasion to set an appointment for a blowout treatment. They’re awesome services to have any time that you want to treat yourself and your hair! But if you’re looking for a special occasion with some pretty hair to pair with it, then here are some good times to get a hair blowout:

    • A nice date
    • An anniversary
    • Prom or another school dance
    • Weddings
    • Job interviews
    • Photoshoots
    • Holidays

Don’t Wait Any Longer for a Great Blowout Treatment!


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It’s all about you and the hair you want at Douglas J Salons. We’ll treat you to many different services at our locations in Michigan! We’re located in Ann Arbor, Byron Center, Grand Rapids, Okemos, and Rochester Hills. Make a reservation today and we’ll give you the hair of your dreams!

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