5 Vibrant Hair Colors You’ll Fall in Love With


Colored hair is in! Have you ever wanted a pop of purple in your hair? What about a vibrant blue color? Well, now you can, because Aveda released a whole new line of vibrant hair colors, Vibrant By Nature. Here at Douglas J Salons we are ecstatic about this line because it means that we can offer these bold hair colors in our Aveda salons. Did we mention that there are 65 shades? Here are five of our favorites!

1. Teal

Teal is all the rage! If you’re into all things blue you just might fall in love with teal. Teal can be a great color because it can represent the cool tones of water. Teal can also be an attention-grabbing color and can look good as a color drip or peek-a-boo style. You can accessorize with teal jewelry or blue handbags for a special night out.


2. Fuchsia

Did you know that the color fuchsia is named after a plant? The plant was admired and known for its vivid purplish, red color. The plant became so popular because of its majestic color that the beauty industry started making clothing and products fuchsia colored.

Much like the fuchsia plant, all eyes will be on you with fuchsia hair. If you want to feel admired and vibrant, this color is the look for you!


3. Pink

The hair color pink can complement many skin tones. Lindsey Coco from HuffPost says that choosing a color that complements your eyes or skin can give you a more natural look. Pink is a natural color hue in many skin tones because people often have pink cheeks and pink lips.

Pink can be sweet and bubbly. Pair your pink hair with rose gold jewelry and take it out on the town your closest friends!


4. Violet

Violet can look good in all hair colors. If you are looking for a subtle hair color, try adding a dark shade such as violet to the ends of your hair. Or, if you want to go bold, try a full color drench! Violet can make you feel balanced and motivated because of its vivid hues. Throw on purple lipstick to give this look a nice touch.


5. Green

Green is a lively color! To maintain a vibrant hair color like green, follow these simple steps:

  • After you get your hair colored wait three to four days before showering.
  • Use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner
  • Wash your hair with cold water
  • Wear a hat in the sun to avoid sun fading
  • Avoid Chlorine filled pools


Why Should I Choose Aveda Vibrant Colors?

Aveda cares about the environment and the animals, so we are a cruelty-free brand. In fact, this entire line is completely vegan! Most of our products are made with real natural ingredients! This specific line is 93% natural!

Something that’s great about this line is that the treatment is semi-permanent! This means that the color will eventually wash out over time and is less damaging to your hair.

What Hairstyle Should I Try?

Communicate what look you are going for with your hairstylist. A few ideas are to add in a peek-a-boo color, do an overall color drench, or try a color melt. There are a few things to keep in mind such as the upkeep. Adding a little color to the ends of your hair might be right for you if you like going longer between salon appointments.

Do you trim your hair often? If you do, apply the color to your roots. If you love wearing your hair up, add the color underneath your hair to show it off when it’s pulled up.

Where Can I Get These Colors?

Did you fall in love with one of the colors? A teal color melt could be the look for you! Or maybe a pink color drench is more your style? This line is available at any Douglas J Salon. Find a location near you and book a reservation to get one of these looks!

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