7 Half Up Half Down Prom Hairstyles


Wondering what the best half up half down prom hairstyles are? We’ve put together a collection from some of our favorite looks we’ve created to give you some ideas! Here are seven hairstyles we can’t wait to see at prom! Choose one of your favorites and book a reservation at one of our Douglas J Salons to get styled.

1. Boho Chic

This hairstyle gives off bohemian vibes! Boho hairstyles often include a lot of piecey braids and loose curls. Add to this free spirited look by wearing a lace or flowy dress.


2. Whimsical Crown

Top off any prom hairstyle with an accessory! Headbands or crowns can add a dazzling touch. Come into our salon to get your hair curled, and bring your accessory with you! We can style your hair and create a beautiful look like this one.


3. Edgy Prom

Are you someone who likes to stand out from the crowd? Try this edgy look with a moody black, dark purple, or red dress! We love that one side is beautiful curls, while the other side can give you an edgy flair.


4. Classy and Casual

Can’t decide if you want to be comfy and casual or classy at prom? This hairstyle can look cute with any style! Have the best of both worlds by wearing comfy sneakers under your formal dress. This fishtail braid can top off any look!


5. Braids on Braids

Braids are the key to a gorgeous hairstyle that won’t fall out! If you are worried that your hairstyle is too simple, try adding a braid! Fishtail, dutch and French are all types of fun braids you can add!


6. Rockstar Meets Prom

Don’t be afraid to try something new! Prom is the perfect night to be a little extra. Put on your favorite heels, and act like a rockstar. Add some bright lipstick and eyeliner to complete the perfect look for prom. We can help you pick a unique hairstyle like this one that will rock your socks off!


7. Twinning Halos

Matching can be fun! Try out any of these hairstyles with your sibling or a best friend! The halo look is super popular, and this style works with any length of hair. Curl your hair or straighten it to reflect your mood for the night. Don’t forget to take pictures of your twinning hair!


Get Your Look Now!

Did one of these gorgeous hairstyles stand out to you? Come get your hair colored and styled for your special night at Douglas J Salon! We have five different locations, so pick one that’s close to you and book a reservation today!

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