Passion and Growth: My Barbering Story


A career in the beauty industry is a journey that can be deeply rewarding. While everyone’s reason to embark may vary, our barber and educator Andres gives us a look into his why.

In talking with Andres, he shares his pursuit of knowledge, sharing “from a young age, I have always been captivated by the world of hair. I knew that I wanted to channel my passion into a career that would allow me to express myself creatively while making a positive impact on others. Initially, I started my journey by obtaining a cosmetology license. However, my thirst for knowledge and desire to be more marketable led me to venture into the world of barbering just a month later. I recognized that barbering would provide me with additional skills and expertise that would enhance my career prospects and enable me to serve a broader clientele.”

We think it’s safe to say that experience can often lead to growth and that’s exactly what Andres can attest to on his journey. He says “While there have been challenges along the way, such as the demands of being emotionally and physically available for guests, these hurdles have been worth it. Through the ups and downs, I have grown immensely, both as a professional and as an individual. I have learned to break free from societal expectations and embrace my authentic self. The beauty of this industry lies in its ability to allow us to express our true selves and foster a sense of community”.


What are the most rewarding aspects of being a barber?
“It’s the sense of community and connection that accompanies it. I have been fortunate enough to encounter a supportive and uplifting community within the industry. Building relationships and making connections with my guests brings me immense joy. The trust that is placed in me as a barber is a responsibility I cherish. Creating a safe and welcoming space for my clients is a priority, and I strive to ensure that they feel their best while in my chair and long after they leave.”

What can a guest expect when booking an appointment?
“When guests book an appointment with me, they can expect a personalized and transformative experience. I take pride in ensuring that every guest feels their best while in my chair and when they walk out of the salon. Effective communication, understanding, and transparency are the pillars of my approach. I actively listen to their hair goals, provide expert advice, and collaborate with them to achieve the desired results. My commitment to their satisfaction and well-being is unwavering.”

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