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Ann Arbor Reviews

"This is my happy place, I feel loved by all when I walk through the doors. Most remember my name, they take your coat, give you something to drink. I never have to wait very long and I know my colorist is booked, which means they are good at scheduling. My colorist Will is great, he listens and is professional and kind and his work shows. I have had several people do my haircuts and loved each and everyone. There is no hard sell of products. Highly recommend!" - Julie S.

"Looking for a nice salon? No need to look anywhere else! LOVE this salon. I've been a loyal customer for the last 3 years." - Michelle C.

"This place is ah-ma-zing! Start with the tea, when they ask you would like to drink, ask for the tea. I wouldn't steer you wrong, unless of course you have an aversion to licorice - in which case, I'm not sure I want you reading my reviews! Then - scalp massage with essential oils, yes; hand massage while you wait, yes, please; a wonderful shampoo; yes, please; an amazing haircut; triple yes, and thank you! ; and then comes a blow dry and style."- Emeril L.

"It simply doesn't get better than Douglas J. I have lived in multiple places since moving away from the area and I've NEVER been able to find a place as great as DJeX." - Belinda F.

"Oh my gosh, I found the best of the best at Douglas J Salon in Ann Arbor! My new friend, Will, did my color. I couldn't be happier with my color! My other new friend, Ryan, cut my hair. What a great experience this was! She has a great feel for what she is doing! I loved my first appointment at Douglas J ... They have me forever !!!!!" - Joan W.