Make 2014 Your Most Beautiful Year Yet.

Make 2014 Your Most Beautiful Year Yet.

New Year’s resolutions are often hard to keep. This is because, as much as we’d like to change our habits, we just don’t know where to start. But, if you make beauty goals for yourself in 2014, chances are you will be able to achieve them. Why? Because you have great resources at your disposal right now — the professionals at Douglas J — who can set you on a path to success so that you can realize your beauty goals for 2014.

Promise yourself right now that this will be your most beautiful year yet, and resolve to make that happen! Here’s how:

1. Identify Your Beauty Goals. Maybe you want to improve your skin’s health and appearance; or banish bad hair days; or keep your hands and feet looking soft, elegant and well-groomed. Instead of silently criticizing yourself about these things throughout the year, write down your top beauty goals, in order of importance.

2. Make a Plan. Tell us your beauty goals and your current beauty habits in these areas. Be honest! We’ll help you prioritize and make a plan. Committing to pre-booking return visits alone makes a huge difference, so you never go too long without the maintenance needed to stay looking your best.

3. Create Good Habits. Here are some tried-and-true ways to incorporate creating a more beautiful you into your lifestyle:

  • Know The Benefits. When you feel more beautiful, you feel more confident, content and whole — the benefits are emotional as well as physical. Reminding yourself that your new habits will enhance your well-being, as well as your health, will make them easier to stick with.
  • Counter Your Arguments. We often talk ourselves out of good habits because of negative thinking. “It’s too expensive.” “It’s too time consuming.” “It’s selfish.” While you’re in a good frame of mind, develop comebacks to these negative voices. Remind yourself that professional-quality products and services last longer, look better, and build a better and healthier foundation than drugstore brands. Remember that carving out time for beauty services will save you time in getting ready in the morning and eliminate drama when preparing yourself for big events. Realize that it’s not selfish to develop healthy habits that will boost your appearance, health, confidence and self-esteem — but a sign that you respect and care for yourself.
  • Become a Home-Care Expert. Feeling great when you leave the salon or spa is one thing, but you can relive that feeling daily with proper at-home care. We’ll show you tricks on how to hold the brush during a blow-dry, suggest skin care products to keep the glow going after a facial and educate you on simple things like the benefits of drinking water after a massage. You get more out of your service when you incorporate these tips on a regular basis.
  • Pre-Book Your Appointments. When you come in for a service appointment, make sure you don’t leave without booking the next one in advance. Pre-booking makes it far more likely that you’ll get the service provider you want, before you desperately need it. Plus our reminders will help you stick to the beauty routine you’re building.
  • Remind Yourself You’re Worth It. With all the energy you put into other people, you deserve to carve out some time to renew and refresh yourself. Also remember that the higher your confidence and self-esteem, the happier you’ll feel, and the better you’ll approach all the other responsibilities and relationships in your life.

Just wait ‘til you see your next New Year’s Eve photos, and you’ll be grateful that you gave yourself this gift in 2014.

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