Douglas J Companies Go Green for Earth Month

Douglas J and Aveda dedicate month of April in support of clean water

LANSING, MI – In honor of Earth Day, Douglas J has set aside the entire month

of April to celebrate and raise funds to support clean water projects through

the Alliance for the Great Lakes.

“The five Great Lakes hold 20 percent of the world’s fresh water, providing

drinking water to more than 40 million people,” said Scott Weaver, president

of Douglas J Companies. “Threats to the Great Lakes today can range from

pollution and invasive species to wasteful water use and global warming. All of

these threats demand our attention and commitment.”

Taking care of the earth and its resources is something Douglas J takes very


The Michigan-based beauty brand has a long-standing commitment to raising

money for clean water alongside their national partner, Aveda. Each of Douglas

J’s Salons and Spas and Aveda Institutes in Michigan, Chicago and Knoxville

step up every year to support the effort alongside thousands of other Aveda

locations around the world.

In 2013, Douglas J successfully raised more than $33,000 in support of clean

water for Earth Month. Funds raised by Douglas J benefit both the Alliance for

the Great Lakes and the Tennessee Clean Water Network.

“Our communities have contributed to our success, so out of a sincere

appreciation, we look for opportunities to give back,” said Peter Eichler,

executive director of marketing for Douglas J Companies. “And we always give

our guests the opportunity to get involved with our projects.”

Douglas J will offer its guests several opportunities to get involved with Earth

Month including purchasing bracelets and water drops. “The water drops are

printed on recycled paper and guests can sign them and we hang them in our

stores. For just a few dollars, these items serve as a reminder to our guests of

how they’ve saved natural resources through a commitment to clean water,”

added Eichler.

The fun and Earth Month contributions don’t end there.

“A unique way we’re making a big splash this Earth Month is through the

second annual fishing trip I’ll be taking with Bass Pro-Fisherman, Chad

Pipkens,” said Weaver. “We see who can raise the most money for clean


Supporters of Weaver and Pipkens can donate at www.makewatermatter.

com, casting a vote for their favorite “fisherman” in the process.

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“Whoever raises the most money will draw a winner from their donor list. The

winner will receive a $500 gift basket full of either fishing gear if Pipkins wins

or Douglas J products and services if I win,” said Weaver. “All money raised will

be donated to the Alliance for the Great Lakes.”

Because water is an essential ingredient to the hair care and beauty business,

Aveda has made sustainable practices such as water conservation and green

chemistry a cornerstone of its business operations. Aveda professionals in

more than 30 countries have collectively raised more than $32 million in

support of Earth Month since the campaign’s inception in 1999. Since 2007,

Aveda has donated $26 million of the funds to support clean water projects.

Douglas J Companies, which encompasses Douglas J Salons and Spas and

Douglas J Aveda Institutes, is a regional company with locations in Ann Arbor,

East Lansing, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Okemos, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak,

Chicago and Knoxville, TN. The Douglas J Aveda Institute offers a world-class

education in cosmetology and esthiology, preparing students for creative,

rewarding and successful careers in the salon and spa industries. To learn more

about Douglas J Salons and Spas, visit For information

about Douglas J Aveda Institute, visit

The Alliance for the Great Lakes is the oldest Great Lakes organization

devoted 100 percent to the lakes. Their professional staff works with scientists,

policymakers, businesses, community groups and everyday citizens to protect

and restore the world’s largest surface freshwater resource. To learn more visit

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