Summer Hair Gripes (& How To Banish Them Forever)

It’s practically tragic that the time of year most often associated with fun vacations, favorite outfits, and seasonal romance also goes hand-in-hand with a variety of hair problems. The good news is, we have a solution for every bit of havoc that summer can wreak on your hair.

So don’t resign yourself to a ponytail until September — we’ve got the skinny on how to avoid and fix the most common hair gripes that crop up during the hot months.

       1. DRY hair:

High heat, via flat irons and blow-dryers, is a year-long enemy of our hair. Add strong sunlight every day and you get an especially potent recipe for dry, split, lifeless locks.

If this is your main summer hair concern, two Aveda products should become your BFFs right away. The Sun Care Protective Hair Veil shields your locks from UV rays and sun damage, and Damage Remedy™ Daily Hair Repair is a leave-in solution that protects from heat damage and replenishes dry hair. In-salon fixes include frequent trims (to remove dead ends before they split farther up the hair shaft) and deep-conditioning treatments.

If you’ve gone and wrecked your hair anyway, Aveda’s Damage Remedy™ line is our go-to for distressed hair. It deeply penetrates the hair and cures from within, producing remarkable results.


Pool chlorine is the most obvious chemical that our hair tends to tango with in summertime. Water with a high mineral content (“hard” water) is a lesser-known bad guy — but a bad guy nonetheless. (Water in many cities in Michigan is considered hard, due to high amounts of minerals naturally leaching into our water systems.) Frequent bleaching and dyeing with the wrong color products can damage hair, too.

During a time of the year when hair is most likely to suffer from dryness (see above), chemical damage goes from bad to worse. Wash regularly with a clarifying shampoo, like Aveda’s Sun Care Hair & Body Cleanser, which removes chlorine, mineral, and product build-up. (And it pulls double duty eliminating those same toxins from your skin.) Once a week, treat your locks to the After-Sun Hair Masque from the same line — it’s both replenishing and protects against free radicals.

Before swimming in any body of water (natural or man-made), slather dry locks with a good everyday conditioner – it saturates the hair so that the drying, damaging chemicals can’t get in.

And fear not — no need to forego color to save your hair. We use Aveda™ Full Spectrum hair color so our guests never worry about color damage. Using up to 99 percent naturally derived ingredients, the line actually makes hair look and feel better after coloring.

       3. FADED hair:

Speaking of color — not only does the sun dry out your gorgeous crown, but UV rays are notorious for fading your shade. Again, prevention is the best cure: Aveda’s Sun Care Protective Veil, mentioned above, is a water-resistant UV defense mist that blocks the sun from wrecking your color.

Use Aveda’s Color Conserve™ shampoo and conditioner every day, and apply Color Conserve™ Conditioning Treatment once a week to seal the cuticle and further protect your color from fading or changing. 

       4. FRIZZY hair:

Is all the humidity out there turning your cool coif into a hot mess? Ambient moisture lifts the outer hair cuticle up and out, turning very thick or curly hair into a frizzy fright wig.

Start in the salon. A strategic cut is the best foundation to keep your tresses in line during the summer months. To de-frizz at home, give your products a critical overview. If they contain alcohol, ditch them, and turn to one of two amazing lines that make hair behave — naturally.

To enhance and control your natural waves, Aveda’s Be Curly™ line creates shiny, defined curls as it fights frizz. If sleek and silky is your goal, head for Aveda’s Smooth Infusion™ line. We can’t stop ranting about the Naturally Straight stying crème – it straightens hair progressively with each use, and uses organic cassava root to form a barrier against humidity.

      5. LIMP/ FLAT hair:

The other end of the “humidity hates hair” spectrum occurs when humid conditions turn super-fine hair into a sad mop lacking body, volume and bounce.

Fine hair requires a balancing act: too much moisture and hair gets greasy; not enough and it gets broken, dull, and flat. To avoid the former issue, wash with a shampoo that removes surface oils without stripping your hair: Aveda’s Scalp Benefits™ Balancing Shampoo is our pick (its corresponding Scalp Benefits™ Conditioner rocks for nourishing hair without buildup). Keep conditioner limited to ends only, not roots.

To avoid the latter problem, be extra vigilant about damaging or breaking hair (for example, by not brushing hair when it’s wet, and going easy on high-heat styling). In-salon fixes include strategic cut and color techniques to create volume and fullness. Our favorite styling methods for limp hair include blow-drying upside down to amp up the volume, and backcombing, to plump up the hair at the crown.

Fine, straight hair needs protein to bulk it up and help it hold style in humidity. Aveda’s Pure Abundance™ line is rich in natural protein thickeners to build body, and the Hair Potion from that line is a miracle solution for limp locks. It’s a powder that turns into a silky liquid when emulsified in your hands, and adds weightless matte texture to create all-day volume. Apply at the roots and prepare to be amazed at your glorious crown even on the steamiest of days.

A little knowledge and the right styles and products make the difference between hating your hair this summer, and flaunting it! Obviously, flaunting is way more fun.

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