5 Things to Tell Your Hair Designer or Colorist

Some people say that their hairdresser is one of their best friends. After all, you spend hours in their chair throughout your lifetime. From your color transformation to your new pixie cut, they are there for all your greatest transitions. If you haven’t told your stylist these five things before, make it a point to share this info with them at your next appointment!

1. If You’ve Used Box Dye

This is one of the most important details to note when getting hair color services. If you have used box dye or henna to alter the color of your hair in the past, you NEED to tell your colorist before they start the color process. Some ingredients in some dyes react poorly to the ingredients in other dyes from the salon. This can cause severe damage to your hair. In the worst cases, chopping all your hair off is your only option.

girl with dyed hair

2. The Specific Look You Want

Always bring a reference photo! While every hair designer or colorist can’t recreate EXACTLY what you saw on Pinterest or Instagram, this will give them good guidelines to follow. Try finding a photo that has all angles of the hair pictured. Also be willing to understand that some pictures are photoshopped, and that you can’t have a platinum blonde bob in one appointment.

3. How Often You Wash Your Hair

Some of us wash daily and others a few times a week. Let your hair pro know what your shampoo routine looks like. Based off of how often you are washing your hair, they can give you suggestions not only for styles but for the right products for your needs.

 4. Your Daily Routine

Unwilling to keep a color appointment every few months? Not sure you want to style long locks on the daily? Share that info with your stylilst! If you’re looking for something low maintenance, your stylist can help you pick the right short cut for your face and personal sense of style. If you’re looking for something a little more dramatic and glamorous, your hair care professional will be able to find the right layered look for you! 

fashionable girl with a balayage outside

5. How Diligent You Are About Trimming Your Hair

Are you a slave to the monthly hair trim? Don’t forget to tell your hair designer! Trimming your hair is a healthy way to keep your mane feeling soft and reduce frizz. Another important thing to note: who is trimming your hair? We recommend putting down the scissors and stopping by your nearest Douglas J Salon to set an appointment instead.

What secrets have you been keeping from your hair professional? If you’re in need of a new hair designer or colorist to connect with, contact us! We’re here to answer any and all questions you have about hair, and we’d love to learn more about you.

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