Why Aveda?


A brand name that’s known across the world. They are famous for their mission to help create a better planet and their contributions to water-saving efforts. From their product lines to their educational institutions for aspiring beauty professionals, the brand is dedicated to improving the lives of people everywhere in a variety of ways. Aveda has been pioneering their mission for years.

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Aveda was founded in 1978 by Horst Rechelbacher, and it has been thriving ever since. Horst’s goal was to make the beauty routine a part of an overall, holistic way of life. At the Douglas J Salons, we believe that he has gone above and beyond his calling and that the brand will continue to do so.

Why Aveda?

You might be asking yourself, how is Aveda different than other brands? Why did we choose to be associated with this product line?

Cruelty Free

Why would we want to use products on ourselves that we were not willing to even test on ourselves? Being a cruelty-free brand has been ingrained in the Aveda brand since its conception. It’s one of the many reasons why we love the brand so much!

Aveda chooses to test their products on people before they hit the market. That means you’re getting something that is tried and true according to a human being, just like you. Aveda wants to contribute to a better planet, and that means taking care of the living beings on it.

Responsible Manufacturing & Packaging

From the creation of the products to the way they look on the shelf, Aveda means business. Renewable, responsible business. The brand supports the development of renewable energy in the form of wind. They intend to offset their carbon footprint through time. They are proud to be the first beauty company to be manufacturing products with 100% wind power in their primary facility. In addition to that, they also contribute to renewable energy crediting bodies.

Along with their pride and joy to be the first beauty brand manufacturing with wind power, they are also the first to use 100% post consumer recycled PET. Packaging is minimized, and the process of packaging is thought out in entirety and with care before being put into production.

Ingredient Integrity

Sulfates? Questionable chemicals? Artificial ingredients? None of these really sound like they could be too great for your skin or hair. Surprise: they’re not. That’s why we wanted to work with a brand who knows what it means to maintain quality.

Aveda strives to use green ingredients whenever possible. They define what they mean by green on their site.

Don’t you just feel cleaner knowing that they care enough about their ingredients to put forth a criteria?

Clean Water Initiative

Aveda has raised millions of dollars for clean water initiatives around the world. Their dedication to helping people in areas where water is scarce and not often fresh. While they work year round to make a difference, each April they spend the whole month working toward their initiative. This includes raising money via events like fashion shows and even product purchases.

For the Love of Your Skin and Hair

Because we, as beauty professionals, value products that preserve the integrity of skin and hair, we love Aveda. In addition to the brand’s awareness for what is healthy for our bodies, we are drawn to their brand because of their diversity in product purposes. Whether you are a man or a woman, have curly or straight hair or have dry or oily skin, there is an Aveda line out there for you!

And lastly, who doesn’t love the smell of an Aveda salon?

Find Aveda at Douglas J!

If you’re looking for Aveda products, hair color and methods of service, check out what we can provide! We have three beautiful locations throughout Michigan, and we are dedicated to living and providing in the Aveda way. Click here to book your appointment with us.

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