Five Cool and Trendy Hairstyles We’re Obsessed With

Life’s too short to style your hair the same way every day. If you’re in a hair rut and want to spice things up, we’ve got you covered. Here are five cool, on-trend hairstyles to try out next time you’re feeling a little bored with your locks!

Box Braid Top Knot

Box braids are a great way to protect your hair while still looking fierce. If you’re sporting box braids and want to mix it up a little, try out a box braid top knot! This is an easy way to get hair out of your face and look fantastic while doing so. Top knots are always in style. A box braid top knot is a unique, edgy take on the hairstyle that will definitely turn heads!</p>


Halo Braid

For a practical style that looks romantic, try doing a halo braid. This effortless hairstyle wraps around your head in an angelic fashion. It’s a beautiful look for special occasions, but it’s also a great option if you want to add some extra glamour to your everyday style. Whether you’ve got straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair, or something in between, a halo braid works great for all hair types.


The last few years have been all about beachy, textured, messy looks. In 2019, the sleek, well-kept blowout is coming back! Blowouts were all the rage back in the day and in 2018 they were seen on the runway in various designers’ upcoming collections. If you want to look like you just walked out of a magazine ad for shampoo, step into 2019 with a fabulous blowout!


Headscarves are great because you can literally wear them with any hair type or hairstyle. You can cover all of your hair up with a scarf, or you can wear one with long, loose locks. Headscarves come in a huge variety of prints, colors, fabrics, and sizes, so they’re super fun to experiment with. Grab something silky and floral, use a classic bandana, or coordinate your head scarf to match your outfit. It’s all up to you and your taste!


Super Long Hair

While blunt bobs and short haircuts are always on trend, nothing quite beats long, flowing hair. Long hair is feminine, romantic, and reminds us of mermaids. What’s not to like about that? Growing your hair out takes patience and care, but it’s well worth the effort. Regular trims, heat protectant, and deep conditioning treatments will all help keep long hair healthy and shiny. So live that mermaid life and get growing!

Want to try one of these awesome hairstyles for yourself? Make an appointment at Douglas J. Aveda Salon today! We can help you look your best for 2019. 


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