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Spa Services

Give yourself a break from your daily demands with one of our specialized spa treatments; our team will work with you to determine exactly what you need to relax, restore and rejuvenate for an ultimate spa experience. These treatments will leave you feeling like a brand new person.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and its health is of vital importance to your health over all. If your skin is healthy you will look and feel younger and more vibrant. We will clean every pore, infuse minerals and restore balance to skin that doesn’t get enough attention.

A massage is the perfect way to start your spa experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy the rest of your treatments. Relieve the tension and stress that would otherwise distract from the rest and relaxation you came for.


Traditional Swedish Relaxation
30 minutes | $50
60 minutes | $80
90 minutes | $115

Sports, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Pre Natal (95 minutes not recommended), Hot Stone, Couples (Each)
35 minutes | $65
65 minutes | $95
95 minutes | $130


Polish, Mud, Wrap |  60 Minutes

Exfoliating Body Polish | $85

Hydrating Mud Masque | $95

Deep Detox Ritual | $110

Slimming Seaweed Wrap | $115



60 Minutes | $85
90 Minutes | $125


Exfoliate to gently remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells.
45 Minutes | $110
Series of 3 | $300

Acne Treatment
75 Minutes | $110

Deep Pore Cleansing Microdermabrasion
60 Minutes | $130

Hot Stone
60 Minutes | $100

Anti-Aging Hydrating
60 Minutes | $95


Salon Services

Transformed hair can mean a transformed you; at Douglas J, our salon services have something to offer for everyone. Whether you need a cut, style, colour or highlight, your hair is well taken care of in the skilled hands of our caring, experienced stylists and barbers.

We follow the latest trends in the industry to ensure you get the fresh look you deserve. Our consultation will help you define the style that is best for you and allows your beauty to shine.

Is there anything that refreshes you more than getting your hair done and trying a new style? Sometimes the confidence you need is just a haircut away.

We don’t forget about the guys. We are a full service barbershop as well. We can provide the latest stylish men’s cuts to make you feel your best.


Women’s Cut | from $40

Men’s Cut | from $25

Kids Cut (12 & under) | $15

Color | from $50

Highlights | from $65

Color & Highlights | from $100

Texturizing Wave | from $60

Extensions | Upon Consultation

Formal Up Style | from $45

Thermal Straighten | Upon Consultation

Mineral Make-Up | from $35


Manicure | $30

Spa Pedicure | $60

V-Bar Mani/Pedi | $75

Shellac Add-On | $10


Bikini | $40

Brazilian | $75

½ Legs | $50

Full Legs | $100

Brows, Lip, Chin, or Sideburns | $15

Full Face | $50

Under arms | $25

Chest | $40

Naval | $30

½ Arms | $30

Full Arms | $60

MEN’S WAXING SERVICES (prices may vary)

Back | from $50

Chest | from $40

Brows | $15

Stomach | from $40

Nose | $30

Ears | $15

Medical Spa & Laser Esthetics

At Douglas J, we continue our promise to provide world class beauty service to our clients with a wide range of highly effective and specialized medical spa treatments to ensure all your beauty needs are effectively addressed.

Come in to our clinic today to explore any of our many medical spa offerings, including the following treatments:


Laser hair removal can be performed on all parts of the body including the chin, cheeks, lip, legs, arms, under arms, shoulders and back, as well as sensitive areas like the bikini line and chest.

During a laser hair removal treatment, infrared light targets the pigment embedded within the hair follicles and converts it into heat, which results in the destruction of the follicle. Douglas J incorporates two of Cutera’s devices for laser hair removal: CoolGlide® and ProWave™ 770 technology.

The Cutera CoolGlide® laser and the ProWave™ 770 are noninvasive hair removal devices which have been specifically designed to target and eliminate unwanted hair from all parts of the body.


The Cutera CoolGlide® laser and the ProWave™ 770 generate pulses of intense infrared light which penetrates the treatment site after being directed through small, cooling hand devices. The application of this energy targets the hair follicle, where it is absorbed by the hair pigment and hair follicle to create follicular damage. The safe and effective treatment ensures that the damage is only applied to the hair root while surrounding pores and skin structure are left entirely unharmed.


During the treatment, some hair will immediately shed while the rest can be expected to shed over the course of 2-3 weeks. The hair roots which have been affected by the treatment will then be reabsorbed by the body and the appearance of your skin will improve steadily over the next few months.

The ProWave™ 770 is specifically customized for the treatment of large untanned areas like the back and legs. Treatments using this device will be entirely customized in accordance to your hair and skin colour, hair texture and the location of the body. Additionally, CoolGlide is the first laser cleared for permanent hair reduction in all skin types, with a copper cooling system to ensure optimal skin protection and comfort.

For more information or to book a consultation, click here.

Laser Genesis
Warm laser micro-pulsing treatment effectively treats premature aging, acne scar, and sun damage, such as excessive redness, rosacea, large pores, uneven skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles.  Laser Genesis is designed for all skin types.

At our clinic, we operate Cutera’s cutting-edge 1064 nm wavelength laser. Combined with a patented microsecond technology, this device works to protect the epidermis while targeting microvasculature and stimulating collagen production to improve the appearance of wrinkles production.

Photo Facial
You’ve never had a facial like this before! A photo facial, also known as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or photo rejuvenation, use cutting edge laser technology to remove brown spots, age spots, facial redness, and freckles, and corrects uneven skin tone.

An IPL photo facial delivers a bright blast of light at very high energy levels through a hand-held device, resulting in hemoglobin and melanin absorption. The treatment lures pigmentation to the surface, at which point the spots will get darker for a few days and then shed off. The Cutera Limlight photo facial technology we operate in our clinic also has flexible parameters to address different skin types, ensuring the power of the IPL facial is available for skin types 1-4.

Skin Tightening
Tighten and contour your skin with laser technology! During this treatment, safe and effective infrared light heats the deepest layer of the skin, which triggers your body to rebuild collagen. This boost in collagen production tightens lax skin on the face, jowls, under arms, inner thighs and belly, of patients of any age or skin type. You can expect to see immediate results with no surgery or anesthesia.

The device we employ for this treatment is Cutera’s Titan, the most researched and peer reviewed infrared solution for deep dermal heating of all skin types. Titan’s light source generates energy from 1100 to 1800 nm for safe and effective volumetric heating of the dermis.


Choose one of our thoughtfully crafted packages to experience relaxation and the essence of beauty. If the work week has you down or you need the perfect gift these packages are just what you’re looking for.

Life changing events don’t happen every day and you want to be at your best when they do. Our “Mommy to be” package is great for expecting mothers to prepare for the big day! Speaking of big days, schedule a bridal package to calm those nerves.

We even have something for the guys. The “Gentleman’s escape” will have you feeling like a new man.

MUSCLE MELT 2 Hours | $145
Hot Stone Massage 1 ½ Hours | Foot Bath/Scrub

MOMMY TO BE 2 Hours | $140
Pre Natal Massage 1 Hour | Spa Pedicure 1 Hour

Deep Tissue Massage 1 Hour | Pedicure ½ Hour | Men’s Cut

BODY UNWIND 3 Hours | $180
Swedish Massage 1 Hour | Facial 1 Hour | Shampoo/Style

BEAUTIFUL YOU 3 Hours  | $115
Manicure 1 Hour | Spa Pedicure 1 Hour | Wash, Cut & Style

CITY DETOX 3 Hours  | $295
Exfoliating Body Polish 1 Hour | Deep Detox Ritual 1 Hour | Deep Pore Cleansing Microderm Facial 1 Hour

RESTORE, RENEW, & RELAX 3 Hours |  $235
Hydrating Mud Masque 1 Hour | Hydrating Massage 1 Hour | Hydrating Facial 1 Hour

MENTAL RETREAT 6 Hours | $345
Exfoliating Body Polish 1 Hour | Swedish Massage 1 Hour | Facial 1 Hour | Lunch | Spa Pedicure 1 Hour | Manicure 1 Hour | Shampoo/ Style – Lunch Provided Before 3PM

Swedish Massage ½ Hour | Facial ½ Hour | Mani/Pedi 1 Hour | Shampoo/Style

BRIDAL PACKAGE 6 Hours From (split days) |  $300
Swedish Massage 1 Hour | Microderm ½ Hour | Trial Hair 2 Hours | Wedding Debut Hair & Makeup 2 ½ Hours