Q&A: Winning Entrepreneur Gives Insight into Success

The definition of entrepreneurship varies from person to person, experience to experience. A Forbes contributor recently coined it simply as "social problem solving" to longer definitions which all seem to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation, creativity and risk-taking which are all a part of the process of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

As this issue of the Greater Lansing Business Monthly surrounds "Entrepreneurial Winners," I've taken a moment to interview our CEO Scott Weaver to share his thoughts on the theme and to provide insights from his entrepreneurial journey and inspire others to continue their path of entrepreneurship and business success.

As CEO of Douglas J, Weaver wears many hats from education, curriculum, marketing and operations and beyond; it's a delicate balancing strategy necessary in leading the growing brand to winning.

Here's more from our conversation:

Chuniq Inpower: What is your personal definition of, "entrepreneurial winning?"

Scott Weaver: The ability to create opportunities, not only for myself but for the teams that I work with and the communities in which we do it.

CI: As an entrepreneurial winner, what has been your most contributing factor to your success in your business ventures?

SW: Perseverance and commitment to the greater goal. The ability to remain focused and on target through both good times and challenging.

CI: In addition to Douglas J, what are your other business ventures?

SW: My very first business was washing the employees and guests cars from Douglas J while in high school in my parents' driveway. I turned that drive into a lawn care business to help pay for my college education. I also started a company with some co-workers and friends called SMMJ to provide student housing for the students of the Douglas J institutes. More currently I have worked with the reorganization of Walnut Hills Country Club in addition to the three professional salons and nine schools we have.

CI: Tell me more about your upcoming development in Okemos and the expansion of the Douglas J brand.

SW: We are looking to expand both the institutes and smaller salon models in the upcoming years. Okemos has been our home for over 30 years. We feel a part of this community and are invested not only in the success of the downtown Okemos community, but also the capital city and to the state of Michigan. We are hoping this development will serve as a catalyst for growth in the area, specifically 'downtown' Okemos.

As far as Okemos development, the facility is a 25,000 square foot, three level relaxation center infusing beauty, spa and wellness into one facility in downtown Okemos. The re-development continues Douglas J's commitment to the environment featuring grey water recycling, LED site lighting, electric car charging stations and will be Society of Environmentally Responsible Facilities (SERF) Certified.

We plan to open additional salon locations in other markets that will support our commitment to creating adequate employment opportunities for Douglas J Aveda Institute graduates.

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